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ELD Mandate

ALERT: Ryder's Breakthrough Solution to the ELD Mandate

Ryder’s Solution to the ELD Mandate

The FMCSA ELD Mandate goes into effect on December 18, 2017. Is your fleet compliant? The new Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulation comes with a long list of requirements necessary for carriers and drivers to meet. At Ryder, we want to ensure you have the tools you, your drivers, and fleet need to keep your business moving.

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ELD Mandate What You Need to Know

Download this guide to answer all your ELD mandate compliance questions whether you lease, own a private fleet, have a dedicated fleet, or rent vehicles.


Ryder’s Breakthrough Solution to Help Commercial Rental Customers Comply with the ELD Mandate

All Ryder commercial rental customers will automatically be registered and given access to their own Ryder-provisioned Geotab account. This gives all Ryder rental customers access to a fleet management portal where they will be able to create online profiles for drivers and support personnel. In order to capture records of duty status (RODS) via the Ryder ELD solution, drivers will need to download and log into the Geotab App on a cellular data-connected mobile device. The new ELD solution adds further benefits to fleet managers who can access the fleet management functions by logging into the Geotab app. Through this access customers, fleet managers, and drivers are able to gain added flexibility, choice, and control with benefits that include:

  • Enabling use of a cellular data connected Android- or iOS-based smartphone or tablet
  • Providing access to a fleet management portal for driver and support personnel profile creation
  • Tracking the vehicle’s location, routing activity, and idle time
  • Monitoring driving behavior
  • Creating “geofences” and alerts for fleet activity notifications

Rental Vehicle Eight Day Rule

In addition to the Ryder ELD platform, Ryder in conjunction with the Truck Rental and Leasing Association (TRALA) has and will continue to work with the government on behalf of our customers in order to mitigate challenges presented by the ELD mandate. As a direct result of this work, FMCSA has granted an eight-day exemption to allow paper logs for instances of a vehicle breakdown, seasonal demand, and expansion needs. While operating under this exemption, drivers will remain subject to the standard hours-of-service (HOS) limits, maintain a paper record of duty status (RODS) if required, and maintain a copy of the rental agreement on the vehicle. Drivers must also have a copy of the exemption or equivalent while operating under the terms of the exemption. This includes one of the following:  A print out the full exemption as it is found on the government’s website, a print out the signed letter from FMCSA to TRALA stating the exemption, or a digital copy available on a smart device should law enforcement request.

Ryder Dedicated Transportation Solutions Customers in Compliance

The ELD mandate comes with many positive cost savings and efficiencies moving forward, but implementation and training can be daunting and costly. By partnering with a 3PL, like Ryder, for a dedicated fleet solution, you can relieve the pressures related to ELD implementation and compliance. Ryder Dedicated combines professional drivers, engineering for routes and scheduling, best-in-class safety, and advanced vehicle technology, so you can be confident your fleet is safe, compliant, integrated into your operation, and continuously delivering. Also, if you are currently a Ryder Dedicated customer, your fleet is already in compliance of the ELD mandate.

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